Day 3 of le Tour de Fleece

I dyed. You heard me. I went on a binge after getting home from my 14hr day at 10:30pm & proceeded to dye 4lbs of Polwarth. This was Monday or Tuesday, I dunno, days are funny. The next day…which was yesterday? No Monday. I don’t know. So the next day, I managed to fall asleep standing up in a grocery store in line for my Crack’n’GoNuts. You heard me: Standing.Up. At any rate, my Polwarth was dry enough to photograph today, so that’s what I did after I spun two superwash skeins (148 & 158 yds).

But since I know you only come here for the pictures, here they are. By the way, this includes Nite Owl & The Maxx. If you like those, you can thank Julie (see previous posts’ comments).


Boston Handmade Marketplace, July 10

This is where I’ll be this weekend with my SpinOlution wheel & pounds and pounds of fiber and yarn. Please stop by & say hello!

le Tour de Fleece Days 0-2

Why zero? Well, I jumped the gun & started early. I’m insanely busy this week, so I’ll likely post sparsely at best until after this show on Saturday is through. So think of me, and wish me luck, comment as needed. Cheers.

Oh and please note that searingly gorgeous color on the top for Day 2 comes from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Marajane.

Nightwing & two unnamed.

Wasp, Tank Girl, Green Lantern, Nightwing

le Tour de Fleece is here!

What exactly IS le Tour de Fleece? Well here’s your answer. I’ll have my yarn pics up in a day or two, or you can follow along on Ravelry. Enjoy!

And since I didn’t post for nearly three whole days, I’ll make it up to you with a little fiber pr0n. Here are some of the merino braids I’ve dyed, two of which have already been spun. If you see anything you like, you’d better lay claim to it pronto, cos these are going straight to the show & won’t be posted to etsy beforehand. Each braid is between 3.75-4.3oz. Drop me a line in the comments or contact me via etsy if you want them. 🙂 Otherwise, wish me luck!

Grouping 1, Above:
Far Left Top & Bottom: The Hulk
Top Middle Three: Tank Girl
Bottom Mid Three: Unnamed
Far Right Top & Bottom: Dr. Fate

Grouping 2, Above:
Top Left: Scarlet Witch
Top Mid Three: Bloody Kryptonite
Far Right, Top & Bottom: Star Sapphire
Bottom Left 2: Fool of a Took
Bottom Middle 2: Unnamed #2

So there you have it, feel free to drop in name suggestions for the Unnamed Ones.

Customer Photos & Upcoming Show Details

Three posts in three days? What is this, a trend? Good grief.

First off, if you’re thinking about coming over to this a-freakin-mazing show I’m honored to have been invited to vend at, check out this article on the Boston Handmade Marketplace, 7/10/10.

Second, I have the best customers, I truly do. I mean, some people in this world are obviously enormous PITAs (that’s “pains in the ass” for us lazy, foul-mouthed folk), but my customers are all magical dreamboats, no really. So there’s this one lovely lady who’s purchased my yarn before, and has now become a spinner (careful, it’s a virus, like Swine Flu) & I sent her a bit of fluff in a fiber/yarn swap on Ravelry and wouldn’t you know, she turned it into the loftiest, loveliest 2ply.

Also, I seem to have a request here for Shatterstar, so I’m thinking some silver gray, golden yellow, black? Call it cruelty, call it bribery, but I call it following my customers wishes & slowly shoving them through the door to Fiber Addicts Anon.

Itching to spin

This may be the first, but it sure won’t be the last time I mention this– so I’m in grad school. It’s a long, arduous, back-breaking program & I’m just shy of being one-third of the way through. I love it, it’s fantastic, gratifying & challenging on a daily basis. BUT, on days like today, I just want to go home & play with my fiber. I want to fluff & rebraid my 16 braids of merino. I want to measure out the next 4# of Polwarth & get that dyed up.

But while I’m day-dreaming, here are the goodies I’ve got in mind, both as a reminder for myself (I sometimes catch “teh dum” in front of the dyebath). Feel free to comment, add suggestions.

+ Nite Owl: dark purple, bronze
+ Silk Spectre
+ Arkham Asylum
+ Fortress of Solitude
+ Asgard
+ Nox
+ Thor

Here’s a little inspiration…..Asgard:

After dyeing 4lbs of Merino today…

…I was inspired to start chronicling my process, my thoughts, and sneak peeks.

Today’s dyeing resulted in 16 glorious braids. I hope I can remember what I planned to name them all…;)

As these dry, I’ll start posting sneak peek photos. If you see one you want, let me know so I can post it over on my etsy. Otherwise, all these goodies are headed to Somerville, for the Boston Handmade Marketplace in Union Square (it’s only 2 weeks away, eep).

But while we wait, here are a couple of pics I took for a custom order of Poison Ivy in 50/50 Superwash Merino & Tencel.

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Ady Bee

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