Queen Bee in my lap, Winter Craft Show & New Shop

I disappear from the Blogosphere for two months, and that’s all I’ve got to show for myself, I know. But on the upside, I started a Ravelry Group, opened a new shop on BigCartel, and I got into a major show that’s gonna kick major ass. So there.

Delicious new fiber in the BigCartel shop

Why a new shop? Well, in short, because Etsy fees are a bit much.
Why should I shop at your new shop, Etsy is all familiar an’ stuff, this new site is ok, but it’s scary. I know it looks different, but this means more of your dollars will go to me, and less to Etsy, AND you’ll still have the same buyer protection you had with Paypal, because the shop runs on Paypal. See, that’s not so bad is it?  For now, Etsy stays open, but if all goes well, and I’m able to get traffic over to the BigCartel site, I’ll eventually move everything over to the new site, but for now, you can still find me lotsa ways. Etsy. Ravelry. Twitter. BigCartel & here of course.

And yes, I do still owe you a full on review of the Queen Bee, I’ve taken some notes, and jotted down some ideas, but they’ll probably have to wait until after the Boston Bazaar Bizarre. This will be year two at the Cyclorama which is fantastic as it’s perhaps the only venue in Boston short of the Gahden that can hold all us craftypants vendors and all you craftierpants shoppers. Vera exciting.


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