Melting Candle Pot Giveaway Bonanza O’clock…pants

Forget melting pots, forget burning the candle at both ends, I’m so tired, I’m just gonna start mixing metaphors ’til it looks

blurry sneak peek

cool. With finals coming, and with 10 lbs of fiber dyed so far this month, I’m a little tapped out. So, I’m relying on you folks for inspiration. Post a comment with a link to a photo from which you’d like me to extrapolate colors to dye. And if you’d like to see it with a particular fiber type, lemme know. Aaaand, if you retweet/repost, etc. and we get enough folks to comment, I might just might use to pick a winner & might maybe just send you some free fiber. But that means we’ll need at least a few commenters, so get to work, my minions.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Julie
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 00:21:19

    Wellllllll, I still think a Shatterstar/Rictor yarn would rock my world … šŸ˜€ Rictor’s always had kind of a green/brown thing going on, and ‘Star’s got that bright ginger hair, a lot of white in his various costuming incarnations, silver for swords, a bit of black for the star tattoo on his face … hey why is it only inter-dimensional superheroes can get away with tattooing their faces? I totally would do a facial tattoo.

    Therefore, I CLEARLY need to become an inter-dimensional superhero.

    Oh right, a picture … First, Shatterstar.


    Just don’t google their names in one search unless you’re ok with homosexuality. Peter David, who writes X-Factor, finally made them a canon pair after like, 19 years of subtext.


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