Day 3 of le Tour de Fleece

I dyed. You heard me. I went on a binge after getting home from my 14hr day at 10:30pm & proceeded to dye 4lbs of Polwarth. This was Monday or Tuesday, I dunno, days are funny. The next day…which was yesterday? No Monday. I don’t know. So the next day, I managed to fall asleep standing up in a grocery store in line for my Crack’n’GoNuts. You heard me: Standing.Up. At any rate, my Polwarth was dry enough to photograph today, so that’s what I did after I spun two superwash skeins (148 & 158 yds).

But since I know you only come here for the pictures, here they are. By the way, this includes Nite Owl & The Maxx. If you like those, you can thank Julie (see previous posts’ comments).


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