Itching to spin

This may be the first, but it sure won’t be the last time I mention this– so I’m in grad school. It’s a long, arduous, back-breaking program & I’m just shy of being one-third of the way through. I love it, it’s fantastic, gratifying & challenging on a daily basis. BUT, on days like today, I just want to go home & play with my fiber. I want to fluff & rebraid my 16 braids of merino. I want to measure out the next 4# of Polwarth & get that dyed up.

But while I’m day-dreaming, here are the goodies I’ve got in mind, both as a reminder for myself (I sometimes catch “teh dum” in front of the dyebath). Feel free to comment, add suggestions.

+ Nite Owl: dark purple, bronze
+ Silk Spectre
+ Arkham Asylum
+ Fortress of Solitude
+ Asgard
+ Nox
+ Thor

Here’s a little inspiration…..Asgard:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julie
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 18:49:14

    Love it all! I look forward to seeing the Nite Owl. Also, if you ever make a Shatterstar roving and/or yarn, I will so buy it. Screw financial responsibility, I’ll be responsible when they make me go to Fiber Addicts Anonymous, where I have to tell everyone my name and life history.

    Still covet Nightcrawler.


  2. comicbookyarns
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 20:14:47

    Aw thanks! And you’re a riot. Mebbe I’ll give you a deal on the two ;), as a send off for Fiber Asylum.

    Thanks for reading!


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